Barcelona is one of the beautiful places we all need to pay a grand visit to. But where do we stay when we decide to visit our favorite place? Below is a list of three places you can stay when you travel to Barcelona, Spain.

Gothic Quarter

Gothic Quarter, the historic heart of Barcelona in one area. This is where all the locals and tourists want to stay. This area gives you the best view of the country and allows your mind to travel through time and history. 

Gothic Quarter streets are filled with trendy bars, restaurants, and clubs. It’s the perfect city for you if you want to relax and enjoy your free time. Right in the heart of the Gothic Quarter is a huge Cathedral, with a courtyard full of plants and geese, this charming surrounding is the Gothic Quarter’s main attraction. 

Gothic Quarter Barcelona

El Raval

If you are in Barcelona for the nightlife, don’t hesitate to book a hotel or apartment in El Raval. El Raval is Barcelona’s hidden treasure. The city is slowly catching the eyes of tourists with its plenty of cozy bars and artistic talents. The surrounding street is filled with hip design shops, street arts, bars, restaurants, and colorful exhibitions. El Raval is vibrant and cheerful, and the area gives you the light you desire.

Sant Antoni

To the southwest of El Raval lies another vibrant and beautiful neighborhood. Sant Antoni glories in its ability to bring the old and the new to the table— old to modern trendy fashion. Living in Sant Antoni has its advantages over the others; the low-cost life, the popular market, and the bars and restaurants are all worth the stay. Sant Antoni reveals the possibility of living a casual yet great life in one neighborhood. 

When you decide to visit Barcelona, don’t forget to try out this neighborhood before leaving. The BeOriginal free Barcelona walking tour takes you on a trip to explore the city and all its magnificence. If you’re looking to explore the city in full, you should book a tour!