Whether you’re a first-timer or you’re visiting Barcelona for the hundredth time, you need to take note of a few tips to make the most of your visit to one of Europe’s stunning cities. So do you want to know how to make the most of your Barcelona visit? This post contains a few tips and trips for an enjoyable trip.

  1. Learn the local language

There are two languages spoken in Barcelona these are Spanish and Catalan languages. The Catalan language is the major language spoken in the Catalian capital of Barcelona. Earn some credit with the local folks by learning a few phrases.

  1. Book Barcelona attractions in advance

Most tourist sites attract lots of tourists so to ensure you don’t waste your time in long queues, book your tickets in advance. For example, it’s advised you book your ticket at least 3 days before if you want to visit the Sagrada Familia.

  1. Visit in the offseason

Barcelona sees over 12 million tourists yearly, so to avoid the rush season and the crowds, the best time to visit is the off-season (January –March). Just before or after the summer holidays and school holidays, stores offer the best prices, the weather is perfect and the queues are fewer.

  1. Book accommodation in the city center

It’ll cost more but to make the most of your time in Barcelona, it’s better than staying somewhere far away that requires you to spend money and time on the road battling traffic to the city center. Most of the best restaurants, shops, and historic sites are easily accessible from the city’s center. You get to truly experience life in the city if you book a hotel room in the center of the city.

5. Join a walking tour

A Barcelona walking tour is one of the best ways to explore the city in all its fullness. You go from the most popular districts to the least popular ones and experience the city like a local. The BeOriginal free Barcelona walking tour is perfect for this.