The city of Barcelona is not just home to historic architecture, markets, food, and elite FC Barcelona but it is home to beautiful beaches. So while on holiday and you just want to play volleyball on the golden sand or bathe under the sun while feeding your eyes, these four beaches have got you.

Bogatell Beach

Bogatell beach is one of the best and oldest beaches in the whole of Spain with working facilities. If you want to meet and interact with locals, this is the best place. You could team up with your folks against the locals and play volleyball, you can take a kitesurfing or windsurfing lesson. It is very clean and people of all ages can be found there too. 

 Barceloneta Beach

This one is the most popular beach in Barcelona, especially for the younger folks. The activities to do there are ever-present and entertaining. If you like crowds, you will be fascinated with the sights of people, different and unique. Of course, basic amenities and lifeguards are present for safety purposes.

Sant Sebastia Beach

 Nova Icaria

If you are in Barcelona with your whole family and you are looking to go to a beach, you should go here. Working basic amenities including lifeguards are readily available.  The beach screams family with several sections for the kids to enjoy themselves in water, volleyball courts, playground, and ping pongs making it perfect enough for a family fun day out. If you run out of food, restaurants are just a walk away from the beach. 

 Sant Sebastia

This beach is one of the longest you will ever find At 1,100 meters and also, one of the oldest beaches in the city. Sant Sebastia beach is so popular amongst locals and tourists that you will have to go early to secure a good spot and better, it is perfect for folks with mobility issues. There are plenty of volunteers to help them ski dive. It is very clean and environmentally conscious of course.  

If you’re unsure about how to move around and explore the city, our BeOriginal tour guides are readily available to advise you and take you around the city.