If you have visited Barcelona, you will agree that it’s a gorgeous place to be in. There are no wrong streets to walk on but we have the best and the ones where you can get all the thrills from. Below is a list of our top three. 

Passeig de Gracià

Passeig de Gracia is considered one of the most glamorous streets in Barcelona. These elegant streets house some of Antoni Gaudi’s most celebrated works of art. Passeig Gracia is located in the central part of Eixample, extending from Plaça Catalunya up to the Gracià neighborhood hence its name. If you close your eyes and try to imagine it, you can go back to history; imagine the horses riding, the ladies walking and chattering, the smell of it all can be perceived in one walk. The magnificent street is surrounded by organic paving stones, streetlamps, and white mosaic benches. 

Carrer D’Enric Granados

The quaint cafes and art gallery is what take most tourists to Carrer D’Enric Granados. There is no doubt that the street is glorious and the design shops make it fascinating to walk by. Carrer D’Enric Granada’s setting keeps you on your toes. The streets come to life at about 10 in the morning and you can find other travelers looking around and exploring the beautiful parts.


The Calle-Tallers are more like the ancient days. The 700-year-old pedestrian street is packed with colors and fun places to stop by. Carrer dels Tallers is the one narrow street with more than fifteen restaurants to fill your belly, great bars with the best local and 

 herbal drinks, and the old-school record shop that makes it all worth the walk. Calle Taller is the home of vintage fashion and the street of both ancient and modern fashion. 

If you have visited Barcelona and you haven’t walked these streets, try to go in the early hours or when it’s warm in the evening to get the best of these streets. Don’t forget to carry with you some extra cash.