If you want to have an extraordinary romantic night out memorable enough to last forever, try Barcelona and its many intimate restaurants by default with lovely scenery to keep you warm and giddy all through with your partner. Read on to see some of the most amazing ones. 

  1.  Xemei 

This restaurant has a cozy and private ambiance with excellent Italian food which of course, spells romance. The food, wine, and even staff members in Xemei restaurant allow you to have the best romantic dinner ever in a very intimate and impeccable environment. You can’t go wrong with Italian food. 

  1.  Minamo

This restaurant is perfect for spoiling your partner silly. The audiovisuals and special effects of rain, snow, and many more with relaxing traditional Asian music will leave you and your partner in la-la land. They even have a butterfly garden where you can hold hands with your partner and walk around serenaded by love. The restaurant is quite pricey though.  

  1.  Raco d’en Cesc

This restaurant is hidden by walls. If you look away, you just might miss it, and trust me, you don’t want to miss eating in a cozy restaurant with your partner and losing yourself in mushy conversations feeling like there is no other person there except the famous people on the walls. 

  1.  Casa Figari 

You can’t ever go wrong with wine and better, with someone you love dearly.  This cool Italian-inspired wine bar is the perfect place. There is a plus- live music and some light food to munch on. Can it get any better for a date night? I think not.

  1. Spicy Volx 

If your partner enjoys art and cool atmospheres, this dark yet very large and cozy restaurant is perfect to swipe them off their feet. The environment’s vibe is very communal and the menu is a mix of Asian dishes like spicy soups, noodles, rice, and robata. You should also try their cocktails. 

If you don’t want to go to the many cozy restaurants, the streets of Barcelona are perfect for a walk with lots of street vendors ready to please you and your love.