The beautiful city of Barcelona is not classified as an unsafe city, especially for tourists. With it being one of the trendiest cities in all of Europe in terms of art, culture, fashion, history, and more, cool sceneries, visitors are bound to visit. But like most large cities, there’s a tiny bit of danger lurking in the dark for travelers. Here are some tips to help you stay safe as you visit the vibrant city; especially if you’re a solo traveler.  

  1. Do not draw attention to yourself 

Pickpockets, fake undercover policemen, and thieves are smart and calculative people. They know the characteristics to look out for so they can pick targets. If you plan on visiting the city and you do not want to be among the many victims writing reports at the police station then you just have to outsmart them which is very easy.

All cameras, bold pieces of jewelry, money, and other valuable gadgets should be kept in a backpack worn the other way round-  in front of you when you are on a train or metro. When walking around casually, do not carry an attention-seeking bag and try to blend in like a local by your attire as much as possible. Only carry as much money as you need and never study your map outside, you can do that in a café, bar, or restaurant.  

  1.  Look out for scammers 

Scammers are everywhere- the beach, street, shops, literally everywhere, and no one wants to be scammed in a foreign country. Do not let anyone distract you by asking for directions, donations, or worse, someone telling you that you have bird poo on your back and offering to help wipe it off, never allow that. 

  1.  Pay particular attention in stations

Train stations are one of the easy places to fall victim but you can decide not to. Let your money for ticket purchasing be in a different wallet so that even when stolen, you are not stranded. You can book tickets in advance so you don’t have to remove your wallet in the open. 

Now that you know this, feel free to go explore the city without fear. For a more in-depth discovery of the city, join the BeOriginal free Barcelona walking tour. The tour takes you around the city’s finest sites and the best part is you don’t have to fear as you’re around a bunch of interesting people.