Barcelona is one of the most fashionable and classy destinations. It is no doubt that the lively crowd makes the style and clothing more appealing. One of the obvious reasons for this change and development is the tourism sector. People exchange the thoughts and lifestyle from all over the world and turn the city more colorful. Women remain on the top when we talk about fashion and style. They are undoubtedly the trend setters. Moreover, irrespective of the swanky, modern or contemporary styles, women get influenced and adapt to the changes excitedly.

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Fortunately, when you are visiting or living in a cosmopolitan city like Barcelona, people are more open to change their dressing styles as per the seasons and also as per the influential factors from Europe.

Getting exposed to the current and latest:

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Barcelona is very casual in terms of its lifestyle and so, you don’t need to be formal in your interaction with the wardrobe. Traveling to the city is worth if you can get to know the people closely. This can happen if you swish like them. With the collection of denim jeans or short, cotton trousers, light colored shirts and comfiest tees in your suitcase; you can make a friendly relation with the city locals.

Pay close attention to the fabric, as the climate of the city encourages the designers to opt for light weight breathable fabrics. It helps to feel fresh and lighter. To share a close observation, it also means that people of Barcelona are more particular about their skin complexion. Light fabrics help them to protect their skin from the sun rays and other harmful bacteria.

Factors responsible for clothing:

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Do not be surprised to see the locals wearing clothes differently. You may find them spiffy or faddy at times and funky or happening the rest of the times. It could be due to the climatic changes or weather conditions. Some credit can be given to the laid-back lifestyle of Catalunya lingers, ever since the city moved towards independence from Spain.

Other than the political influences, climatic conditions play an important role in the behavior of people.


It is obvious that you cannot wear shorts or sleeveless during chilly winter nights. The winters are cooler in Barcelona. You may need to add some more weight on your body with full denim jeans and a jacket on. What then? Well, this does not exempt you from trying your stylish attitude on warm clothes. Experimenting with fur, long boots, leather belts and trendy hats will work amazing on your personality.


Spring will not bring the warmth as you desire and thus, you may continue with that same jaunty walk and keep yourself warm. It may get warmer from May. Expect occasional rains and keep your beautiful umbrellas ready with you. As a tip to balance the weather, try wearing stockings and denim shorts. Light printed tops on denims are just perfect to welcome the colorful spring season.


Autumn is one of the most awaited seasons of the year in Barcelona, as it’s at peak for tourism. Even the locals love to pick the best from their wardrobe and flaunt their beauty. You may look for the trendiest clothing as the weather is pleasantly beautiful, especially in November.

Shuffling between brands:

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Pick the right clothes from the right brands. The city is loaded with tasteful styles and appropriate designs to suit your comfortability. Brandy Melville deals with teen clothing. It is the most popular brand among the teen agers.

Adolfo Dominguez is a world class designer brand, which made a remarkable entry in the world of fashion. Some more brands to remember are; Benetton, Bulgari, and Burberry.

Quick bits for shopping:

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The experience of shopping can’t get any better than the streets of Barcelona. It looks like the whole city is made for shopping. It is a hub for the shopaholics and a delight for the spendthrifts. Consider the world renowned Las Ramblas, located at Placa Catalunya. To add to the excitement, you get a warm welcome from the street performers. Get a beautiful sight of astonishing paintings from the painters and colorful birds on sale.

Dip yourself in the world of fashion and enjoy a huge range of offers with two major sales that are held annually. The first starts in January and lasts until February. The second sale begins in July and lasts till August.