When it comes to getting away for some time, you may need to put some factors into consideration, especially if the intended escape trip is scheduled for a specific time of the year, but you don’t need to give much thought to escaping to Barcelona when there is so much to enjoy and explore in this amazing city! 

Barcelona is one of Spain’s most impressive cities and is even more so in the Summer for many reasons:

The weather

Although summer is the warmest season of the year in Barcelona, the heat is not as intense as it is in other Spanish cities. We all love to get outside and enjoy the summer sun at the slightest opportunity. Maybe visit the beach and sink your feet in the sand while enjoying the summer breeze, or simply go for a stroll in the park. 

The Architecture

The city of Barcelona is famous for its remarkable architectural style and has many beautiful sites to see! What more could you ask for when you have an entire city with stunning views and places to explore. 

The Music

Spanish music isn’t just lyrics and melody. Not only is it entertaining, but it also represents and teaches about Spanish culture. Simply put, it’s wholesome. You don’t want to miss this experience. Get a taste of the high-life music and enjoy the fun. 

The Festivities

The festivities that take place during this season are so exciting, they have a way of charming visitors into the city. You never quite get enough of them.