Krakow is a great place to party and our friends over at the Krakow Crawl have made a quick
guide to partying in Krakow. They have made short list of the best tips to help you have the best
party ins Krakow.
Tip the bar staff – Krakow’s Bars and clubs get very busy and the pay isn’t very much so unless
you top a couple Zloty you won’t receive the best service.
Visit a Shot Bar – The best way to get very drunk, very cheaply and meet lots of locals and
Meet the locals – Krakow is a student with very friendly people that are always happy to meet
foreigners and found out there story.
Stay away from the kebabs – No matter what the urge is when you drunk stay away as the
quality in krakow is even worse than most late night kebabs in other cities and grab yourself
some nice polish Pierogi.
Avoid the strip clubs – Stay away from the srip clubs here as they are very shady places and
designed to steal money of tourists
Don’t drink in public – Drinking in public is very illegal in Poland and the Police are not very
Visit and find ut more about krakow’s great nightlife