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The Original Free Vienna Tour

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    The Original Free Vienna Tour

    Welcome to the capital of Austria and the home of Original Vienna Tours. We are pleased to bring you as far as we know the first fully available free walking tours in the city. So come with us as we take to the streets and explore the amazing history and culture that Vienna has to offer. Our fully licensed guides are all about Vienna and its vast history. Each one has their own unique take on the town and the various events that have lead to the city we see today. From the Donaukanal to the Schönbrunn castle and everything in between come explore Vienna with the Original Vienna Free Tour.

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    Click here for the Original Free Vienna Tour at Originalviennatours.com

    The Original Free Vienna Tour is a social tour, so come with a group or come alone there will be plenty of chances to meet the group! Our guides have chosen Vienna as their home and they are very knowledgeable on whats going on around town. If you are looking for some hidden gems or some great food just ask our local guides they are full of tips and tricks to help you have an awesome Vienna holiday. They will take you around town to some of Vienna’s most significant historical sights. You will learn your way around town and get some of the best information available! We take pride in our Vienna guides and they have dedicated their studies and profession to the history and culture of Vienna. So come let them show you why they love this town so much!



    Original Vienna Tours is constantly expanding their range of tours to other areas of the city. Head over to our main Vienna site to see what tours we currently have up. If your looking to let loose a little bit and explore the town by night. Head over to our Original Vienna Pub Crawl and see our favorite parts of the Vienna night life. Just click on the logo above to head to Original Vienna Tours.


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