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The Original Free Barcelona Tour

Come explore Barcelona’s rich history with this free Barcelona tour. This is the Original Barcelona FREE walking tour. Witness with your own eyes Barcelona’s breathtaking Mediterranean seaside, and experience first hand the city’s world-renown liveliness and passion. Beauty and art are all over the city, but Barcelona is ultimately defined by its architectural masterpieces.

The culture and landscape make Barcelona truly like no other. We’re talking vertical wonders like the Sagrada Familia. A work in progress for over the past 100 years. This is just one of the many historical sights. Gorgeous architectural structures and interesting points are what this free Barcelona tour is all about. At Original Barcelona Tours, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive, fun and informative tours, so come join us on the Original Free Barcelona Tour and make the most of your time in Barcelona!


The Free Barcelona Tour is 2.5 hours & Features:

  • Church of Santa Maria, The Gothic Quarter & The Industrial Revolution in Catalonia
  • del Mar The Catastrophe of Tetuán, The Basilica of La Mercè, & Fossar de les Moreres
  • The Monumental Bullfighting Ring, The Colombus Monument & Las Ramblas
  • The Arc de Triomf, The Olympic Village & the 92 Olympics & The Generalitat
  • El Cap de Barcelona, The haunted metro station &  AND MUCH, MUCH MORE

Our tour guides are local experts with a true passion for the history and culture of Barcelona. This is a FREE walking tour, so you decide the price! Tipping is encouraged because love doesn’t pay the bills but the amount is totally up to you! That’s
why we always strive to provide you with the best possible tours. Our guides are always ready to give recommendations for the best food, tapas, drink, fun and culture for the city they call home.

Explore Barcelona on the Free Tour!

Our Original Barcelona FREE Walking Tour is a 3-hour extensive tour on foot which covers Barcelona’s famous attractions like the dripping modernism of the works of Antonio Gaudi and other incredible artistic feats. It’s easy to see how the city inspired artistic geniuses like Pablo Picasso and others. Come take a step back in time in Barcelona’s famous Gothic Quarter and relive medieval times.

Very importantly, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, an autonomous and historic national identity! The city is rich in the culture of Catalan triumphs and battles, arts, and innovations. Catalan history goes back to pre-Roman times leaving always something new to learn about Barcelona! As well as creating a complex and interesting dynamic of Catalan independence from Spain within the city.

Free Barcelona Tour Meeting Point:

Find Us At Placa Catalunya by the statue in the photo.

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Plaça de Catalunya, 4, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

The exact route of the tour is susceptible to changes, depending on the guide, the group, and the weather to ensure the best possible experience for you!

Free Barcelona Tour

Information On Landmarks & the History of Barcelona.

The History of Catalonia
The History of Catalonia

The History of Catalonia

Barcelona is the capital of the historic region of Catalonia. The city holds many historically and culturally significant structures, statues, monuments, and areas. Every neighborhood offers distinctive points of interest for visitors interested in the history of the Catalan area in general and the history of Barcelona. From the Ancient Beginnings, the Roman Period, to Kings, Queens, wars, battles, and up to modern day. We are massive fans of History here at Original Barcelona. For the full low-down on the history of this amazing place head over to our extensive guide on the subject. Barcelona’s History of Catalonia: The Travelers Tour Guide

The History of Catalonia
Guide to Barcelona Gaudi
Guide to Barcelona Gaudi

Guide to Barcelona Gaudi

This mega famous architect called Barcelona home. Gaudi is one of the best examples of an architectural style known as Catalan Modernism. Antoni Gaudi has left many fabulous examples of his work here in Barcelona, including his magnum opus, La Sagrada Familia. Some other well-known Gaudi Locations include Casa Batllo, Palau Guell, and many more. For a great list of Gaudi Structures in Barcelona and Beyond head over to our Original Barcelona Guide To Gaudi.

Guide to Barcelona Gaudi
La Rambla Barcelona
La Rambla Barcelona

La Rambla Barcelona

La Rambla or the Ramblas is a famous street in Barcelona in the Gothic district. Known for its lively atmosphere and crazy history. La Rambla is now one of the most visited places in the city. Complete with massive crowds, teams of pickpockets, swanky stores, street performers, and nightlife abound, La Rambla is unlike any other place in the city. Almost everyone takes a stroll down this bustling street whilst visiting the city, but the unassuming tourist attraction has so much more history and hidden secrets. To read up on our take on the Ramblas head over to our original guide. La Rambla Barcelona, History, sights, and stories

La Rambla Barcelona
La Monumental Bull Fighting Ring
La Monumental Bull Fighting Ring

La Monumental Bull Fighting Ring

La Monumental is the infamous Barcelona Bull Fighting Ring. Closed to Bull fighting in 2011 and built in 1914 by Manuel Joaquim Raspall i Mayol. This Barcelona Landmark has played host to some of the city’s biggest events. Located along the Grand Via, Barcelona’s longest road this is one of the many attractions found in the area. To read about the amazing history of this place and see some great photos head over to our post. La Monumental Barcelona’s Famous

La Monumental Bull Fighting Ring
Basilica of La Mercè Barcelona
Basilica of La Mercè Barcelona

Basilica of La Mercè Barcelona

The Basilica of Our Lady of Mercy is a Baroque style basilica in Barcelona. Built between 1765 and 1775 by architect Josep Mas i Dordal, The Basilica of our Lady was the second church in Barcelona to receive the title of minor basilica in 1918 by Pope Benedict XV. The statue crowning the top of the Basilica is the iconic form of “Our Lady” and can be seen from the Barcelona seaside promenade. For more great photos and information on the Basilica Check out Our Original Guide to Basilica of La Mercè Barcelona.

Basilica of La Mercè Barcelona
Barcelona's Olympic Village & the 92 Olympics (barcelonaolímpica)
Barcelona's Olympic Village & the 92 Olympics (barcelonaolímpica)

Barcelona's Olympic Village & the 92 Olympics (barcelonaolímpica)

Barcelona hosted the 1992 summer Olympics, and in doing so transformed the city. One of the major changes that have shaped modern Barcelona today is the Olympic Village of Poblenou. The Barcelona Olympic Village was designed to accommodate 15,000 people and was built in the Parc de Mar area. Today the area is a lively place with many bars and local hot spots, in one of the best locations in the city. To see more on the transformation of Barcelona for 1992 Summer Olympics check out our Original Guide. Barcelona’s Olympic Village & the 92 Olympics (barcelonaolímpica)

Barcelona's Olympic Village & the 92 Olympics (barcelonaolímpica)

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