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Original Barcelona Tibidabo Tour / Day Trip

Located just outside Barcelona is The highest mountain in the Collserola range; Tibidabo Mountain, also home to the Original Barcelona Tibidabo Tour / Day Trip. This massive 520-meter mountain towers of the coastal city of Barcelona and has an amazing view of the surrounding Catalonia. This local favorite offers a number of places for jaw-dropping 360-degree views. One of the most notable being the view of the Sagrat Cor Cathedral tower, a basilica dating back to the 20th century. The views are breathtaking and well worth the trip, so come explore them with us on the Original Barcelona Tibidabo Tour / Day Trip.

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From the city center, we will venture out towards the mountain as the tramline runs about half way up the slope. From there we will disembark, and gear up. Bring your walking shoes and camera. We will walk at a leisurely pace with plenty of time to admire the surroundings. Along the way, the guide will tell stories of the area, explain the history of the surroundings, and recant stories, and urban legends. Once reaching the summit there will be plenty of time to enjoy the many different views and areas available. The guide will show you some of his favorite spots and there will be time to explore on your own if you wish as well. After we have soaked it all in, we will make our way back to the tram and into the city. If your look for a one of a kind place then looks no further then Tibidabo and this tour.

Original Barcelona Tiabado day Trip

The Original Barcelona Tibidabo Tour / Day Trip

is about 5 hours and features:

Return transport to Tibidabo

Great Local Guide

History of the area

Great Views of Catalonia

and much more

This tour is great for groups, solo travelers and just about everyone else. Our local guides are also full of information on Barcelona and local events. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions that can help make your Barcelona trip great!



Mark (Ireland)
Mark (Ireland)"The free Bike Tour is a great way to learn the city and see some amazing stuff!" - Mark (Ireland)
Dusean (Serbia)
"Best Pub Crawl ever! Got into all the clubs and meet some great people!" - Dusean (Serbia)

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