Barcelona, a city in the beautiful country of Spain is one its leisure cannot be overlooked; from its outstanding football team to its architecture, lively nightlife, sandy beaches, world-class cuisine, and colorful traditions that cannot be ignored, it remains one of the most frequently visited cities in Europe. Now, what brings people there? 

  1.  Barcelona’s famous architecture & buildings

If there is only one thing that keeps bringing people back to Barcelona, it is architecture. Not just any architecture because buildings are everywhere but the famous seven buildings of Antoni Gaudi especially the Sagrada Familia which is the most beautiful cathedral in the world.  Some of the other famous buildings done by Gaudi are Cascade Fountain at Parc de la Ciutadella, Casa Batllo, and Park Güell. Other historic yet modern buildings all over Barcelona can make you take a hundred million pictures and more. 

  1. The famous beaches of Barcelona

Big and beautiful cities do not mostly have beaches as a side attraction but Barcelona being Barcelona is different. The beaches are relaxing, mind-blowing, and exciting and yes, it is very clean. The atmosphere is usually a mixture of street artists, music, crowds, and locals including bars and restaurants that are just a stone’s throw away from the numerous beaches. You could go from Barceloneta beach to Bogatell beach and many others with peculiar crowds to relax, party, and have fun. 

  1.  Barcelona is known for football

The famous elite club, FC Barcelona is the club of this city. People travel to this city to catch a live game. For some, it is a tour around the beautifully built Camp Nou Stadium to learn about the club’s unique story and how it represents the city and also the Picasso medium which is just across. 

This city overlooking the Mediterranean sea is rich in diverse things, travel and feed your eyes.