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Original Free Barcelona Tour


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Take a journey with us back to the time when the Romans ruled Barcelona, originally naming the province Barcino. The Gothic Quarter, or Barrio Gótico, is the oldest part of the city. We will see an ancient gravesite found in the 1950s which has graves dating back to 2 AD. Along our journey will see the church of Santa Maria del as well as the most famous church in Barrio Góttico, La Catedrál.


Religion in Barcelona has greatly impacted the look of the city over the years. There is also a dark history with the Catholic Church in Spain, who were criticised for not doing enough to help the poor. They even built a bridge on Carrer del Bisbe so that the Bishops would not have to walk amongst the lower-class people. For a period of time in Spain the choices for the Jewish people were to convert, leave or die.


Despite some of this dark history, Saints are still held in a high regard in Barcelona with many streets and plazas named after them: Eulalia, Felip Neri, Miquel and Jaume, just to name a few. The history of Barcelona is still being written with many of the people still pushing for independence from Spain. The Catalans have been oppressed and forced to speak Spanish throughout the history of Catalonia and many traditions here speak of solidarity against outside oppressors.