The Original Barcelona Craft Beer Tour


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When people think of Barcelona they think of sangria, cerveza and vermouth. Craft beer is normally not what comes to mind but we want to change that! The Craft Beer scene in Barcelona is huge and growing and we want you to experience it with us. Our Original Craft Beer Tour will take you through Eixample, also called Brewxample, to where some of the best craft beer bars and gastro pubs are located.


Whether you like IPAs, a dark Stout or Sours and Goses, you will find plenty of great beers to taste along the way. When it comes to craft beer there is something for everybody. We promise that even the self-proclaimed beer haters will find a craft beer that tickles the tastebuds! Each bar will provide two samples of craft beer, there will be snacks along the way, we will visit at least three bars and finish in a bar with its own brewery where you will get the chance to see how these amazing drinks are made.

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