Spring always comes with a rush of excitement knowing it’s the holiday and there’s finally lots of time to try something new. If you find yourself in Barcelona in spring, take a look at these options we’ve picked out for you! 

Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

It usually takes place in April at the Fira Barcelona Exhibition Centre, Montjuïc. During this season, Barcelona becomes the hub of fashion as preparations for the BBFW are being made while Spain’s fashion industry anticipates the big event. The event highlights fashion with a mix of trade fare.

Image Credit: Barcelona Fashion Week Official Facebook page

A variety of gorgeous styles are created by a host of artists to be displayed on girls walking down the aisle during the special event, each bridal-wear designer hoping to be the one to set the trend for the season. Come witness the ‘catwalk show’ of the biggest brands in the bridal sector. The exhibitions at the BBFW might as well be the answer to what you don’t realize you’ve been searching for. 

Night of the museums, Barcelona

The Night of the museums is a customary tradition that takes place in many European cities on May 14th each year. Most of the biggest museums participating in this momentous occasion usually do not offer free entry to common events, but do so on this special day and stay open all through the night.

This is to allow the experience of the exhibitions on display from different areas of specialization like art, history, archaeology, and other activities. The Night of museums is typically a learning experience, the one there is.