Visitors are seduced by many attractions in Barcelona and most times it becomes difficult for them to decide the places they should visit before leaving. If you are in Barcelona for only a short period, these are three places you should visit before leaving. 

  1. Casa Milà (La Pedrera)

Casa Milà is history in itself. The magnificent building was put together between 1906 and 1912. It was named La Pedrera meaning the stone quarry because it has a striking resemblance with an open quarry. 

The entrance of the building makes you feel like a queen in a Disney movie. The entrance also leads you through the wrought-iron gate to an inner courtyard. 

To get the best view of the Casa Milà mosaic-adorned chimneys and the city, you should walk around the rooftop terrace. Don’t forget to enjoy the food from good restaurants and pick one or two from boutiques. 

Sagrada Familia
  1. Bogatell Beach

When it’s time to loosen up and socialize with people, Bogatell Beach is where the party happens. Located within the city limits, Bogatell has a lot of activities happening in it; you can decide to windsurf, play volleyball, kitesurfing or just sit and chill with a drink. There is a parking space, a shower, and a restroom where you can change into something comfortable and cute. Bogatell beach promises to be fun and fulfilling. 

  1. Basílica de la Sagrada Família

Now, In the northern part of the city, you find this beautiful work of art. This incredible monument will take your breath away. Designed by the great Antoni Gaudi, the Basilica of Sacred Family turned out to be a 

signature example of his famous surrealistic Art Nouveau architecture. The exterior is the first thing that captures your heart, then the facade that tries to capture all of Jesus’ experiences on the cross. 

This building connects with your spirit and soul and makes you feel whole again. 

These three places are our three recommended must-see places in Barcelona. When you visit any of these places don’t forget to capture the moment.